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Family Member Experiences

Loving Those Who Struggle with Addiction

Addiction affects the entire family as well as the individual. We applaud the courage and compassion of the family members who have written these blog posts about their experiences caring for loved ones who have struggled with this disease.

Read additional blog posts sharing Jewish holidays, rituals and texts and recovery journeys.

Losing My Best Friend

Losing My Best Friend

by Steve Levin

September 2022

Two young boys met at their JCC preschool and enjoyed decades of friendship until addiction took one of their lives. The friend left behind vulnerably shares his best friend’s story to honor his memory with the hope of saving others from the same fate.

Returning to the Land of My Soul

Returning to the Land of My Soul

by Cantor Rebekah Mirsky

February 2021

Growing up as the daughter of a rabbi who was also an alcoholic was painful and complicated, resulting in feeling alienated from Judaism. This is the story of finding a way back to a meaningful Jewish life and making meaning of the experience.

Community, Connection, Chesed & COVID-19

Community, Connection, Chesed & COVID-19

by Lianne Forman

September 2020

The story of one family’s courage in bringing addiction out of the shadows in Teaneck, NJ, and how a Talmudic text informs their philosophy, especially during the pandemic.

Who Invited Martin Buber to our Nar-Anon Meeting?

Who Invited Martin Buber to our Nar-Anon Meeting?

by Ruthanne and Gary A.

June 2020

Parents of a daughter who suffers with addiction share how Martin Buber’s core philosophy plays a role in the way members of their support group find healing and serenity.

Bright Stars

Bright Stars

by Laurie Morgan Silver, LCSW

December 2019

A sister’s tragic death changes the author’s life trajectory as she struggles to make sense of it all. Read how Laurie Morgan Silver created a moving Hanukkah memorial service so loved ones can honor and remember the treasured lives of family members and friends who died by suicide or overdose.

The Rocky Waters of Forgiveness

The Rocky Waters of Forgiveness

by Marla Kaufman

September 2019

The High Holy Days, with their themes of forgiveness and teshuvah, provide powerful wisdom and inspiration for healing relationships in families affected by substance use disorder.

God is Not an Enabler

God is Not an Enabler

by Joseph Kaufman

March 2019

A parent connects God’s actions as He was freeing the Israelites from Mitzrayim to family members’ difficult challenges with loved ones struggling with substance use disorder.

Addiction is Not a Spectator Sport -   The Whole Family Gets to Play!

Addiction is Not a Spectator Sport - The Whole Family Gets to Play!

by Stuart K.

January 2018

A family finds serenity and wholeness after discovery of a son’s addiction to drugs pulls them apart, ultimately using their journey to help others.

Addiction is a Jewish issue. We’re working to address it.