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What We Do

Collaborative Programs for the Jewish Community

As Jewish communities and congregations across the country struggle with responding to the addiction crisis, JAAN collaborates to share strategies and best practices from a Jewish perspective. We work with a wide range of Jewish organizations, agencies, professionals, and synagogues to develop and offer programs that leverage Jewish traditions and knowledge to better understand substance use disorder and other addictions, and those affected by it. Explore our programs here.

Workshop for Jewish Clergy and Communal Professionals

Offered nationwide, in person and online, “It Happens Here: Let’s Talk About Addiction & Mental Health in the Jewish Community” is JAAN’s workshop for Jewish clergy and communal professionals. Focused on increasing understanding and support for those impacted by substance use disorder and addictions of all kinds, this workshop provides practical guidance, tools, strategies, and first-hand experiences to help Jewish communities collaboratively end the stigma and isolation experienced by many individuals and families. Learn more about bringing this in-demand workshop to your community.

Community Partnerships

Collaboration is critical to understanding the crisis and stigma associated with addiction in the Jewish community. JAAN is focused on building partnerships between clergy, lay leaders, and Jewish organizations for the purpose of:

Online Programs

During COVID-19, JAAN has partnered with organizations, synagogues, Jewish leaders, and professionals to host and provide an array of online programming, including quarterly recovery meditations, book studies, virtual conferences, guest speaking, and more. In our effort to expand access to resources and information, we will continue to explore opportunities for online engagement and outreach with Jewish communities.

Community Education and Outreach

Through ongoing community education and outreach efforts, JAAN seeks to counter the stigma, shame, and denial surrounding substance use disorder that permeates many Jewish communities and congregations. We provide training, host workshops, give presentations, and share information with a range of participants and partners including:

View a list of our past and upcoming events and speaking engagements here.

Assistance for Individuals and Families

JAAN provides support and helps connect individuals and family members to Jewish-centric resources for those struggling with addiction and seeking recovery. In addition to our online directory of Jewish resources, we assist people who contact us directly.

Serenity Shabbat Services

JAAN partners with Jewish synagogues and organizations to create meaningful Serenity Shabbat services. These unique and joyful services focus on addiction awareness and the importance of Jewish tradition and wisdom as it relates to the spiritual practice of recovery.

Book Studies and Groups

JAAN is available to guide communities, congregations, and individuals on steps necessary to successfully convene and facilitate a book study group for participants affected by addiction. In these small, supportive, peer-led groups, participants discuss books written by leading Jewish addiction and recovery professionals for people in recovery and family members. Book studies provide a confidential and welcoming space for Jews to connect, share experiences, and understand addiction and recovery through a Jewish lens.

12-Step/Recovery Meetings

Churches have a long history of embracing 12 Step and other recovery-focused support groups, welcoming these groups to hold meetings at their facilities. We encourage synagogues and Jewish spaces to open their doors to host these meetings and programs as well. JAAN offers guidance to synagogues and Jewish organizations in working with recovery program members to establish recovery meetings that are open to people from all faiths and backgrounds.

Speaking Services

We offer the resources and access to subject matter expertise related to substance use disorder and other addictions, recovery, and the Jewish experience. Our speaking engagement topics include:

In addition to this subject matter, JAAN is available to speak on a wide range of topics.

Consulting Services

JAAN welcomes the opportunity to collaborate and share best practices with clergy, educators, lay leaders, organizations, groups, and schools across the Jewish spectrum to help bring the disease of addiction out of the shadows and into the light. We can help you begin the conversation about addiction in your community.

Custom Events and Programs

JAAN is also available to create a custom event or program for your organization, congregation, or group, or to participate in an event you already have planned.

To learn more about JAAN’s programs and how we might partner with you, please contact us here or call (206) 536-0038.

Addiction is a Jewish issue. We’re working to address it.